At this point, you’ve invested thousands of hours in your book. Maybe more. You eat, sleep, and breathe your story. You’ve gotten a few reads, streamlined the prose, and refined the story. It’s ready. 

Or is it? 

Competition in traditional book publishing is tougher than ever. Not only do you need a dynamite query letter that grabs an agent’s attention in the first line, but your manuscript has got to be polished to a high shine, word by word, line by line, from the first plot point to the last.

Planning to self-publish? Hiring an experienced editor is an important step in the process of creating a professional book you can be proud of.

Or maybe your writing isn't destined to be a book at all. Maybe it's a newsletter, blog, or one of the many other formats people use to build communities around ideas.

The good news is that Word Bird can help you every step of the way. Contact us to get started.